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GreenPandaGamer is a supporting character in Minecity (a Minecraft Pocket Edition roleplay). He is the


spirit guardian of Brian. As seen in his name, he is a green panda (green patches of fur replacing black fur on regular pandas) and is the panda spirit. He is only visible to Brian, Mason, Sammy, and other beings who are spirits such as BlueProdGaming and Red_LionPlayz or are descendants of the spirits. He shown to be usually calm, but can be chatty if a specific topic is spoken about. Lime-green is his favorite color, obviously and takes good care of Brian, serving somewhat of a second fatherly figure to him. GreenPandaGamer is responsible if anything happens to Brian. His favorite hobbies are drawing, watching anime, listening to music, and playing video games; hobbies that Brian have. Although he is shown to be mature, he can be childish occassionally. His favorite sports are swimming and soccer. He has the ability to create magic spells and potions out of thin air.

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